PTs in waste (leaching)
06 oct, 2020
Par: aglae

It is still time to participate in some tests in waste:

 - 51A Cyanides and phenol index in waste (leaching)

 - 51B Chemical analyses and metals in waste (leaching) - 'LAGA/DEpV'

 - 51 Chemical analyses and metals in waste (leaching)...

2021 scheme
05 oct, 2020
Par: admin

The 2021 scheme will be launched at the beginning of November.   Note that you may still participate in the 2020 scheme. Some tests are still to come until December.   Contact us to participate
A report personalized with your results
01 oct, 2020
Par: aglae

Test reports of most tests are personalized to get quickly to the essential points: your results.

 To know more about this test report

 Note that almost all test reports are translated into English.

Challenge test on cosmetic products
14 mai, 2020
Par: aglae

AGLAE, in partnership with ANEMCOLI Association, conducts a proficiency test on one cosmetic product.

During this challenge test, laboratories will perform preservation efficacy tests. This test will provide them with an assessment in...

EQA bacterial antigens in urine
10 jan, 2020
Par: aglae

In 2020, in the frame of this EQA, the detection of bacterial antigens in urine will be pointing Legionella antigens and pneumococci antigens.