Metals in blood
19 jan, 2021
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 External Quality Assessment about the measurement of « Metals in blood » in April 2021: 

 assess the quality of your measurements in blood for 6 heavy metals: lead, cadmium, mercury, selenium, strontium and zinc

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2021 scheme
23 nov, 2020
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The 2021 scheme is launched. Contact us to participate   Note that you may register at any time during the year. Just pay attention to the registration deadline for the tests.    
Chemistry in various waters
21 nov, 2020
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Drinking water, surface water, swimming pool water, sea water, waste water, sparking water... 

For example:

1H Physico-chemical indicators in swimming pool waters
3F Metals in...

PTS in atypical waters
20 nov, 2020
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Proficiency testing in highly mineralised mineral waters and sparkling waters:
93 Dry residue in atypical natural mineral waters
94 PAHs and organochlorine pesticides in carbogaseous waters


PTS in natural mineral waters
20 nov, 2020
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PTs in "non-atypical" natural mineral waters
Some parameters are provided in the matrix designated as "fresh water" and also "non-atypical natural mineral water". The difference between these two types of tests lies in the concentration...